Maybe kinda sorta some movement on ENDA

There appears to be some small movement on ENDA in the House, with gay congressman Jared Polis saying a key House committee will hold a mark-up on the employment non-discrimination bill perhaps as early as this month or next.

A mark-up is basically a mini committee-only version of what happens on the House or Senate floor when a bill comes up and people offer amendments, and ultimately vote up or down on the bill. If the bill “passes” out of the committee it then goes to the full House or Senator floor, eventually, sometimes (it’s more complicated than that, but that’s the general sense).

So a mark-up is an important and necessary step. But, we still don’t know if and when ENDA would come to the full House for a vote, or when the Senate plans its own mark-up or floor vote. And, it’s not clear if we even have the votes in the Senate. Mind you, the talk in DC, from folks defending the Dems in Congress and the administration against charges of inaction on their gay promises, was that ENDA would be passed by the end of 2009, and that DADT would be repealed this spring. So the mark-up is good news, if it happens, but we’re already behind schedule and still have a long way to go.

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