Hysterical health care reform parody

(H/t Alan Colmes)

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  • Lee270

    We should take up a collection and send a truck load to the White House.

  • of course, if this ad were more realistic, some of the “liberals” would have jumped sides and joined the other team …

  • planesdrifter

    I think too many Democrats have spent the past year neutering themselves so they don’t fuck anyone over. I’ve had a bumper sticker for 4 years that reads:
    Maybe the Dems should try that tactic.

  • Griffon

    I’ll say it:

    With the spectacular clusterf*** the democrats have made of healthcare, a parody seems so…redundant.

    (perceptive vid, well done.)

  • naschkatze


  • Get out seriously, they did?

  • lol

  • joey

    this should be on a loop in the oval office and wherever else it would do some good.

  • Zorba

    Sorry, serge, it won’t last. :-(

  • serge

    Well that cheered me the fuck up (but will it last?)

  • McE

    Hey! They used my font* for the beer label!

    *I’m a hobbyist font designer

  • vkobaya

    I can just see Obama’s reaction to this commercial. He would say it was disgusting, beneath him and he doesn’t want Balls anyway.

  • I tried it with a pair of dykes once, and it was a disaster!


  • TheOriginalLiz

    Isn’t that exactly what it all boils down to?

  • Zorba

    LOL! Yes, give me the old “church key” caps any day! I have been known to pick up a pair of pliers to remove a twist-off……..of course, I’m talking non-alcoholic beverages only, you do know that, right? (Wink, wink) ;-)

  • RSR
  • But did you notice? Those are the much dreaded TWIST OFF CAPS! Ouch……. my wrist! My wri..hi..hist!! I need a Republican to open this!

  • Zorba

    This is hysterical, John- thanks! Ah, if only it were so easy to give the Democrats some balls!

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