Getting fat off obesity

Carrying around a few extra pounds after the holidays? You are not alone. As Chris referenced yesterday in his post on the results of the US health check for the past decade, over a quarter of Americans are obese. And by all accounts it’s not getting any better.

So, I was none too surprised when I saw that V Magazine’s next issue will “celebrate women of all sizes,” featuring Crystal Renn, a writer and plus-size model. She, and other larger models, will appear side-by-side with traditional models.

Even Tyra Banks is getting in on the plus-size rage. (Is there a money-making opportunity this woman ever passes up?) According to, she is not the only one. Ralph Lauren, Dolce &Gabbana;, Versace and Burberry are joining in on cashing in.

The LA Times reported this past spring that Forever 21, the knock-off clothing chain aimed at girls and young women, would be launching Faith 21, targeted at plus-sized young ladies.

Here’s the thing: we know all too well that health care “reform” just passed, offering a less than convincing array of solutions to all sorts of public health problems. According to the American Public Health Association, obesity-related illness is projected to account for 20% of all healthcare spending within 10 years. Maybe prominent designers and talk show hosts could do more than make a buck off people on their way to serious problems. It may seem Pollyanna-ish, but Ralph Lauren and others seems happy enough to engage in other issues. They show obvious concern for the environment with Lauren’s handsome Eco-Friendly tote and Burberry’s announcement on its site that it is the founding member of the Luxury Brands Sustainability Group.

Fat is clearly not as sexy as green.

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