Wanda Sykes: “Mr. President, remember ‘yes we can, yes we can.’ Well I wish you would.”

I got a tip that Wanda Sykes really went off on President Obama on her show this past weekend. And she did.


Never underestimate the power of comedians on TV. I remember when I was volunteering in Sen. Kennedy’s office in the early 90s. I don’t remember the data now, but there was some kind of survey showing that a ridiculously large number of people got their “news” from the late night shows like Letterman and Leno. Now only can they sway the public against you, but they’re also a good barometer of what the public is thinking, and feeling. Comedians don’t get laughs by telling the audience something they don’t believe. Add in the fact that Sykes is a liberal, and black, and things start to get even more interesting. It would be one thing if she were a conservative preaching to a conservative audience. But she’s a lesbian and a Democrat, and African-American to boot. Her message could resonate with a lot of Democrats, across various constituencies. And it’s one more piece of evidence to suggest that discontent is spreading beyond just beltway Democrats.

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