Reporter fired for unprofessional anti-gay outburst now the latest cause celebre for the religious right

Victims, victims, victims. All these people can do is whine about how victimized they are because no one lets them be a bigot in peace. Joe My God quotes HRC:

The day following the loss in Maine, HRC released a statement and shortly thereafter reporter Larry Grard responded with the following: “who are the hateful, venom-spewing ones? Hint: Not the yes on 1 crowd. You hateful people have been spreading nothing but vitriol since this campaign began. Good riddance!”

Understanding the original release was sent only to Maine media contacts, it was quickly discovered the reporter worked for a mainstream news outlet that covered the Maine ballot race. At no time did I ask Larry to be fired, but instead had one email interaction with his editor where I said: “I received the below email this morning after our national media release was sent to your team. … It’s frankly, just not acceptable coming from a news organization the morning after our defeat.”

The editor did not contact me further. The management team of the newspaper did let me know they had policies in place and were looking into the matter. It is my understanding they conducted their own review. I only learned Larry was fired from a reporter asking for comment.

Now he’s being a martyr. Because only in the religious right do independent reporters get to send bigoted emails to the people they’re supposed to objectively cover. Imagine had a liberal journalist done this – oh the right would be beside themselves.

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