Obama’s speech per Twitter

I was just reading some of the Tweets from various bloggers and pundits responding to President Obama’s Afghanistan speech. Here are a few:

@PatrickRuffini: The volunteers who signed on to what they thought was an antiwar campaign must be so, so disappointed

@SenArlenSpecter: This venture is not worth so many American lives or the billions it will add to our deficit.

@benpolitico: “right makes might” conclusion a bit jarring after very pragmatic argument, no?

@openleft: Sound as technocratic as you like Mr. President, but this decision will kill far more people than it will save.

@waltisfrozen: If Obama was keeping all of his campaign promises, some of the 30,000 additional troops sent to Afghanistan would be gay.

@pourmecoffee: Merits aside, speech has unconvincing tone similar to “why Jurrasic Park will be just fine” at beginning of the movie.

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