Notice that Gibbs is still talking about ‘changing’ rather than ‘repealing’ DADT

Joe and I have been writing for a while about how ever since the White House Web site changed the description of the President’s commitment on Don’t Ask Don’t Tell from “repealing” the discriminatory law to simply “changing” it, the White House began using that new terminology. Interestingly, White House officials often talk about “repealing” DADT when they’re speaking to a gay audience. But when they’re speaking to the nation as a whole, it’s “change” DADT. White House spokesman Robert Gibbs did it again yesterday. You can find his quote in the post Joe did earlier about troops being stretched thin.

I’ve talked to a lot of people about this. Smart people. And every single one laughs when I tell them that the White House expects us to believe that “changing” DADT and “repealing” DADT mean the same thing. Joe and I both think the administration is planning some half-measure, like they do on every issue, to not quite repeal DADT, but to make it more “humane,” as they said earlier this year. The big question is whether our national organizations will let the administration recodify discrimination.

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