New York State Senate is debating marriage right now

UPDATE @ 2:41 PM: The Senate is now voting.
UPDATE @ 2:36 PM: Senator Tom Duane is giving the closing for the Democrats. He’s a classic. Delving into history, asking if people would want a “do-over” for some of the wrongs of the past. He doesn’t want a “do-over” on this one — and doesn’t want to wait. His partner, Louis, isn’t at the debate because no one knew for sure that the bill would come to the floor today. He’s talking about some of his heroes, including Harvey Milk. Duane thinks he was out before Harvey Milk, “I’ve been gay a long time.”

Joe.My.God reports via Twitter:

Tom Duane is stalling while the GOP Senators (who arent in the chamber) are being strong armed.

UPDATE @ 2:13 PM: has compiled a whip list, breaking down known Senate votes. There are 62 Senators and assuming they all vote, we need 32 votes to win. According to NY1’s count, there are 23 supporters, 24 opponents and 15 who are “Undecided / Unavailable / Won’t Say.” Clearly, a lot of those people know.

One other key thing: The supportive Senators are giving a lot of credit to Senator Tom Duane, the sponsor of the marriage bill, who is openly gay. The debate is getting very personal, which hopefully will help.
UPDATE @ 1:52 PM: This debate has been amazing. Democrats are speaking first so we’re heard mostly from supporters so far. There have been some very moving speeches in support of equality. And, there’s something about the way New Yorkers can be so brassy and ballsy and eloquent and forceful.
As John noted earlier, there will be a vote in New York on marriage soon. In fact, it will come this afternoon. The New York State Senate is debating the marriage equality legislation right now. I’ve embedded the live feed, which can be seen here, too:

Watch live streaming video from nysenate at

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