More on “hate the sin, kill the sinner” law in Uganda

First, we will start with Rachel Maddow, and might I say she has done a remarkable job exposing Uganda’s new depravity, and America’s shameful role in it, to the world. She also confronts Evangelicals about how their demagoguery in emphasizing abstinence, at the expense of condoms, has been such a miserable failure:

Of course, when your dogma against condoms, and in favor of abstinence, causes a worsening of the HIV crisis then you can always just blame the evil gays, right?

Karen Ocamb, over at LGBT POV, has been blogging about this issue as well, and how it all links back to Rick Warren.

Republican Christian Talibangelicals got their way and instituted their faith based crap, and HIV rates exploded. Of course, instead of taking responsibility and reversing course with their failed message, “the gays” have been conveniently scapegoated as the reason for the much higher infection rates. Hence, the proposed “kill the gays” law in Uganda.

We’ve all heard the ridiculous “hate the sin, but love the sinner” message from Evangelicals before. But the biggest sin was allowing Evangelical preachers, like Rick Warren, and Republican politicians to make Uganda their own private faith-based laboratory. The result equals death, any way you look at it.

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