Kerry Eleveld at the Advocate reviews the past year in gay rights

I would argue that Kerry has quickly become the dean of gay journalism in Washington, DC. She is routinely at the White House asking Robert Gibbs the tough questions, and she has a measured approach to her reporting that makes commentary like this all the more powerful. Here’s a snippet from her much longer analysis:

[B]y and large, the administration has shown a reticence bordering on negligence for using the power of the executive to honor the commitments of LGBT couples with real, full and equal treatment.

It’s a pressure point that exposes the administration for falling far short of advancing the Democratic ideals many progressives believed Barack Obama represented when they cast their vote for him.

Obama campaigned on equality among other things. And while you can make the case that as president he is making pragmatic decisions about our security concerns abroad or about sacrificing the public option in health reform as a guard against letting the perfect be the enemy of the good, not allowing a federal agency to provide health benefits to a federal worker because of an ideology that willfully emphasizes DOMA over a law on federal employee benefits is essentially a form of reasoned discrimination.

Just maybe the inner circle of the White House will wake up one day and realize that their political calculations might not only cost their president the moral high ground on human dignity, but their ability to package Obama as a moderate, let alone a progressive. After all, there’s nothing moderate about erring on the side of inequality.

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