In Houston, homophobic attacks on Lesbian candidate were funded by her opponent’s top supporters

A couple weeks ago, we reported on the homophobia in the Houston Mayoral campaign. Anisse Parker, an openly gay Democrat, is in a run-off this Saturday with another Democrat, Gene Locke. Turns out that Locke’s top campaign allies provided most of the funding to one of the homophobic political action committees that has been attacking Parker. And, Locke had been denying any involvement. Parker’s message is “Houston First.” Obviously, her opponent’s message is “Homophobia first.”Houston Blog, WhitlessHumorings has the details:

Well, we have been complaining about the Locke-Hotze connection for the last couple of months and now we have proof. According to the Conservative Republicans of Harris County latest finance report Ned Holmes (Gene’s Finance Chairman) and Jim Dannenbaum (a member of Gene’s finance committee) both gave $20,000 each to the PAC. This is the smoking gun. This is the proof that has been missing to connect Gene and Hotze the hate monger. Gene likes to say that he’s against all this divisive campaigning but all along has misled the public about his dealings with this man. It’s time for Gene to Come Clean and apologize for the hate that he has inserted into his Mayoral campaign.

Today’s Houston Chronicle has more:

Locke has been dogged by Parker, her supporters and some uncommitted Democrats for seeking the endorsement of conservative activist Steven Hotze, who has a long history of opposing gay candidates and causes. A mail piece Hotze sent out last week urged voters not to choose Parker and several others seeking municipal offices because they were “endorsed by gay lesbian political action committee,” a reference to Houston’s Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Political Caucus. It labeled others as “radical liberals” and supported some candidates based on a record of fiscal conservatism.

According to financial documents, Hotze’s political action committee received a $20,000 donation about a week before the mail pieces went out from Ned Holmes, finance chairman of Locke’s campaign, and $20,000 from James Dannenbaum, who is on Locke’s finance committee.

Hotze’s PAC, Conservative Republicans of Harris County, lists $56,000 in donations between Oct. 25 and Dec. 2. Only two other donors, who contributed a total of $16,000, are listed.

This is really ugly. A Democrat paying the homophobes to launch homophobic attacks.

Anisse Parker can win this election — and should. Her ActBlue page is here. If you live in Houston or have family or friends there, make sure you all vote for Annise on Saturday.

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