Homeland Security Secretary Napolitanon now admits the system failed

Yesterday, DHS Secretary Napolitano was either arrogant or tone deaf when she said the airline security system worked. That same line was coming out of the White House, so we can’t just blame this on Napolitano “mis-speaking.” Some guy got on a plane and tried to blow it up. He had to be stopped by another passenger. The system most definitely did NOT work.

At least Napolitano admitted the failure today:

The Obama administration admitted on Monday that air travel security failed when a Nigerian man with suspected ties to Islamic militants allegedly was able to smuggle explosives onto a U.S.-bound flight in an attempt to blow it up.

Asked on NBC’s “Today Show” on Monday if the security system “failed miserably,” U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano replied: “It did.”

Yes, it did. And, almost everybody seemed to understand that yesterday.

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