Gays are already in the military, so how does the “shower” argument work?

Reader Judith wrote in today about something I’d been meaning to write about it. Here’s a quote from conservative GOP Senator Tom Coburn, explaining why he’s against repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell:

The overriding issue that would affect the readiness of the armed forces would be the forced cohabitation of homosexuals with heterosexuals at forward operating bases and deployed ships. This would be similar to forcing female soldiers to cohabit with male soldiers in housing situations that offer little to no privacy. The 1993 law does not ban or exclude homosexuals from serving in the armed forces and some estimate there are currently 65,000 homosexual men and women in the military. Please know that I have the utmost respect for every man and woman who chooses to wear our nation’s uniform and accepts the responsibility and sacrifices that come with it.

Cute argument, but let me let Judith explain the problem:

If there are already an estimated “65 thousand homosexual men and women in the military,” isn’t “forced cohabitation” already taking place?

Judith wins the prize. I’ve been saying for years that the DADT “compromise” acknowledges that there are gays and lesbians in the military and that it’s fine that they’re there. Thus, the “icky gays will see me in the shower” and the “lascivious gays will grope me in my bedroom” arguments don’t work because the gays are already in your shower and in your bedroom, and even conservatives like Tom Coburn are fine with it.

Prejudice isn’t logical.

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