British priest who promoted shoplifting over starvation attacked

This brings me back to my earlier post about gift card stealing. We all know that stealing is wrong (not to mention illegal) so why is it that some people will have the book thrown at them for small theft yet we all watch as Wall Street penalizes so few? Is that fair? Isn’t there a problem with the justice system that does nothing as business leaders walk away with tens of millions or more in settlements despite destroying the economy which triggered job losses? Yeah, yeah, the law says blah, blah, blah. Obviously we have serious problems with the laws when stealing a gift card – even $130,000 worth of them – or shoplifting food is a more serious crime than triggering the credit crisis that has so far cost trillions in the US alone. Are crimes now forgiven or ignored when they’re over one trillion dollars in value?

Why is it that some react so strongly against the idea of shoplifting food to feed a family but not about the starvation itself? The man who attacked this priest is a coward and should be ashamed of himself, though he probably has no shame.

The Rev Tim Jones, from St Lawrence and St Hilda in York, attracted harsh words earlier this month from the police and a former archbishop of Canterbury for telling his congregation it was acceptable for the needy to steal to feed their families.

But there came a very different rebuke last weekend, when a man approached the priest outside the church and threw 30 tins worth of ravioli and spaghetti on him. The contents of the bucket may well have been inspired by Jones himself, who said he would “rather that people take an 80p can of ravioli rather than turn to some of the most appalling things”.

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