What happens to you when your partner dies, courtesy of DOMA

I received this e-mail from a friend of mine. She is trying to support a friend who just lost her partner of over a decade. Since her friend was unable to marry her partner, she has no rights – and the family has been horrific in how they have treated the surviving partner.

“Wow, I have never been against gay marriage, but if I had, I think this past week would have changed my mind. XXXX had specific songs she wanted and readings she wanted at the funeral, but the family refuses to even let YYYY tell them what those songs/readings are. They did call her two days ago and tell her that they would ‘allow’ her to come to the funeral. That is just the surface of what they are doing to her, please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. I think the family is not so concerned, but the dragging out the funeral for two weeks has been awful for YYYY.

The family has contacted the papers and told them that they are not to accept an obituary from YYYY as she is “not related.”

This is the hateful results of the Defense of Marriage Act. Does the Obama Administration really want to defend this kind of behavior?

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