Wednesday Morning Open Thread

A very unhappy wonderdog.

I’m back in Chicago for Thanksgiving. Carmela was joyful, as always, to see me. Though, it seems my presence, in addition to making her run around the house with glee, also sparks a strange desire to growl at the fireplace, the front door, and the door to the TV room (supposedly, she only does this when me or my dad are around). It’s actually a bit, well, crazy. Otherwise, she’s a great dog. During the bath I did notice the smell of skunk. My sister Kathy informed me that Carmela had been skunked a good 4+ months ago. Still stinks. I’m actually quite amazed – had no idea it could last that long.

Anyway, one day to Thanksgiving. We’re having it at mom’s, as usual. Just the immediate family this year. And they’re even talking of some snow here on Thanksgiving day. That would be very cool.

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