Republican Senators plan homophobic attack on Chai Feldblum

When the notoriously homophobic Family Research Council is planning the strategy for GOP Senators, there’s no question that the attacks on Chai Feldblum will be based on homophobia. From

The anti-gay Family Research Council and its allies on Capitol Hill are readying a withering series of questions for Chai Feldblum, who could become the first openly LGBT member of the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

One source told that some Republican Senators are planning “Armageddon” at Feldblum’s confirmation hearing Thursday. They plan to paint her as an anti-religious extremist whose confirmation would threaten religious liberty.

They’re using all the right-wing code words for gay-bashing. And, no doubt, GOP Senators will be happy to join in.

Feldblum is brilliant. She can hold her own, there’s no doubt about that. It just wrong that the gay-bashers have so much control over the Senate.

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