Reid, White House, Dems not thrilled with reconciliation option

They’re concerned that health care reform could get delayed, possibly for months, if they go the reconciliation route. Well, there’s a rather large reason that we’re still working on health care reform at this late date. The President of the United States left it to the Republicans and Max Baucus to come up with a deal, for months, while he refused to get involved. It took the teabaggers practically derailing everything for the White House to finally start paying attention, and even then, they under efforts to get a stronger bill. And now everything is becoming a big mess.

You know what? Not our problem. President Obama promised real health care reform. If it takes a big mess to teach the White House that its governing style of sitting back and not leading, only to occasionally get involved, late, and only then in an effort to backtrack on previous promises, isn’t working – then so be it. Jane Hamsher is right. It’s time for these guys to lead.

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