Obama backtracking on “change” slogan

President Obama’s grassroots organization, Organizing for America, formerly Obama for America, sent out an email today lauding the one year anniversary of Obama’s election (the good news – their email system apparently isn’t broken). In a preamble sent along with the email, OFA informs us that Barack Obama’s election was not really about “change.” His election was, and I quote:

“[O]nly an opportunity to make [change] a reality and that everyone’s continued support would be necessary to bring about lasting change.”

First off, I don’t think we needed a mass blast email to tell us that the election of Barack Obama as president wasn’t about real change. We get that now. What is interesting, however, is that Team Obama is feeling the need to blast an email out to their supporters explaining why many of the things that candidate Obama promised aren’t happening, or worse, are being thrown overboard. It also sounds, from this email, like the blame is being shifted to the very people who voted for Obama (more than a bit ironic). If change doesn’t happen, it’s because you haven’t supported the President enough.

You can read the email in full after the break.

Friend —

One year ago today, you made history.

We all knew that electing Barack Obama President was only the opportunity to bring about change; that we would all have to keep working to fulfill the promise our victory offered.

And you’ve come through — by making hundreds of thousands of calls to Congress to push health reform forward, by pouring your effort into seemingly insurmountable challenges time and again, and, since January, by building on the power of our campaign to create Organizing for America.

And now, with the finish line on health reform in sight, we need your voice more than ever before.

To mark this special day, President Obama just recorded a video for supporters like you — please watch his message, and sign up to join OFA in your community today.

Thank you so much for fighting so hard and giving so much to make the promise of a stronger, more just and prosperous America in the years ahead a reality:


My best,

David Plouffe

A year ago it was an opportunity. Today it’s a missed opportunity.

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