More on 10-yr-old who wouldn’t stand for Pledge of Allegiance

I was fishing around for the CNN video of Will Phillips from John’s previous post about “The 10-year-old who wouldn’t stand for the Pledge,” because I had heard the kid was incredible. I found it, and it is simply amazing, but I also found a video from a young lady named “Jackie” who is doing her own YouTube “Youth of the Nation” segments.

Watch both of these videos and then tell me our LGBT community doesn’t have a bright future when we have brilliant kids, like these two, who are going to be tomorrow’s leaders? America’s younger generation understands what the phrase, “Yes we can,” actually means. Thankfully, we’ve seen a major divide between generations when voting on civil rights issues with the younger generation increasingly siding with the expansion of liberty.

We know from numerous social surveys that higher education and younger age are often correlated with tolerance toward gays. These factors may help to explain some of the difference between Washington and Maine election results. For example, Lax and Phillips (2009) show that across the U.S.:

only 10-35% of people age 65+ support gay marriage

but 35-75% of people between age 18-29 support gay marriage.

Incredibly, this means that on the aggregate level, age matters more than location: i.e. young people in gay-hostile states are more likely to support gay marriage than older people in gay-friendly states! (see graph here)
Now for Jackie’s analysis:

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