Momentum stalls in NY, NJ?

While Australia is moving forward on gay marriage, the momentum for gay marriage in the “land of the free” is being pronounced by the media as stalling.

MOUNT LAUREL, N.J. — The state-to-state march to legalize gay marriage across the left-leaning Northeast has lost more momentum since a major setback three weeks ago at the ballot box in Maine.

Since then, legislatures in New York and New Jersey have failed to schedule long-expected votes on bills to recognize the unions in those states.

While other western nation’s continue to march forward on civil rights for their LGBT citizens, our country, who always prides itself for its justice, freedom and equality, seems to be listening to the voices of their more conservative, elderly constituents who will eventually be replaced by the younger more progressive voters. It really is all about what kind of legacy our politicians want to leave behind. Those politicians who fought to exclude inter-racial marriage aren’t remembered with very much love now, are they? One day, the Maggie Gallagher’s, and the politicians who vote her way, are going to be remembered with the same disdain.

“It’s not as if politicians only have to fear an enraged group of people opposed to gay rights,” he said. “Politicians also have to be concerned about angry supporters of gay rights.”

Politicians better realize the gay community is looking around and taking note as to who is supporting advancement of our equality and who is just saying one thing and doing another. It isn’t a threat. It’s a promise.

One day, those pols who are standing against progress, or simply dragging their feet, will look back and wonder if what they chose to do had any negative consequences. I can’t help but think of Senator Sam Nunn and how the LGBT community went ballistic when Obama was thinking about selecting him as Vice President. I can tell you now, if Obama had selected him, I wouldn’t have bothered working to get Obama elected, and I certainly don’t believe I’m alone. We are politically active, and we have long memories.

Message to progressive politicians, “Remember who brought you to the dance, and do the right thing.”

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