Jon Stewart catches Sean Hannity lying

UPDATE via Greg Mitchell: Hannity admitted Stewart was right “although it pained” him to say it. It was “inadvertent.” You believe that, right?

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  • So true. Or their VA benefits either. Or Social Security….

  • Butch1

    It wouldn’t take the “anti-socialists” a second to start screaming, ” Don’t touch my Medicare!”

  • Hope none of them got injured – not with the mess health care is in.

  • Butch1

    She let just enough of them get away. The real obnoxious ones did the frog march to the squad cars. They think they can pull that because they are “teabaggers?” I haven’t figured that one out yet.

  • Joe

    It’s amazing that after so many attempts at lying and passing false-truths that Fox News wouldn’t be a little more careful when putting together their clips. I mean, Hannity of course likes to stretch the truth (as they all do) but who is working in the editing bay? Is it a bunch of mindless drones who do whatever he wants? Where is the editor? Where are the fact checkers? What’s going on with the people behind the scenes?

    I think Hannity should take responsibility for this, sure, but there are others above and around him that deserve to be called out publicly too.

  • Oooooo. Good catch. Yes, I can believe that.

  • Aww, darn! She let some of them get away!

  • JohnNation

    Inadvertent. Yeah. There isn’t a bullhorn loud enough to call that kind of bullshit.

  • Butch1

    I remember reading that they were being obnoxious and were throwing paper all around the halls. Pelosi had to tell them that if they were trespassing and if they didn’t leave the police would be called. There were also some of them arrested.

  • Judas Peckerwood

    Lies from pathological liars are always “inadvertent” — or not, depending on who you believe.

  • jimfromthefoothills

    10,000 attendees on a Thursday… 0 productive person hours sacrificed since none of them have jobs.

  • Stewy

    Thank God for Drudge, he links to all sorts of loonies.

  • feijoada

    The real trick would be to catch Hannity not lying, since that happens so seldomly.

  • freelancewoman

    Ah, it’s true. The rightwing idiot trolls have discovered Americablog.

  • Stewy

    Too bad you didn’t show Hannity’s acknowlegement and thank you to John Stewart.

  • king82

    If Jon Stewart is the go-to guy for reality based news, he is only playing to the crazies strengths by soiling himself with Hannity’s taint. Don’t go there, dog. Hannity’s mischief and the opinions of the slightly retarded sweethearts that worship him won’t mean shite when health reform withers on the vine.

  • alex

    At the risk of doing just a little mind-reading, I think the “polite” part is to emphasize that the crowd is both white and non-hippie. Kind of like how teabaggers excused the fact that there numbers were smaller than expected because ‘baggers “have jobs” and are “regular people”.

  • unrepentant_expat

    He does have a problem admitting that some states are blue.. He is, however, partial to blue dogs.

  • NotTimothyGeithner

    So you think the right wingers tell the truth? I’m convinced if Hannity was cornered about the color of the sky on a clear day, he would absolutely refuse to say the sky is blue.

  • Fox News lie???? I’m shocked! Not Fox News!

    And did you catch Michele Bachmann’s comment? She said the people who showed up “were very polite”. Is this a new tactic for the GOP? Are they no longer identifying with obnoxious, loudmouthed jerks using bully tactics to disrupt? Are they no longer the we-don’t-have-to-be-right-because-we-can-shout-louder-than-you Party?


    Really!?! Hannity, Lying. Really?!?

  • nicho

    Jeez, you make it sound like it’s hard to “catch” these right-wing propagandists lying. It’s real easy — their lips are moving. The really hard thing is catching them telling the truth.

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