It really is sick that the Catholics are more concerned about bashing gays than helping the poor

It’s not clear why anyone should ever deal with Catholic Charities again. The organization isn’t just bigoted as hell, but now they’re so bigoted that, as Joe wrote yesterday, they’ve rather abandon poor people than have to let a g-a-y work in their charity. Absolutely sickening. When I worked at the Children’s Defense Fund in the 90s, we let a Catholic Charities rep sit in our coalition meetings, as a full and equal partner of our progressive coalition. Now Catholic Charities has shown what it really is. An organization run by bigots who care more about gay bashing than they do about helping the poor. (Wouldn’t it be neat if the Catholic Church cared as much about stopping pedophilia as it did stopping the civil rights of gay Americans.) To actually hold the poor in front of them as a human shield for gay-bashing. That church has some major soul-searching to do. More on the latest extortion threats from the Catholic Charity bigots in today’s Washington Post.

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