I just got hit up for cash from the DCCC. I told them to take a hike.

Well, it finally happened. The DCCC called asking for money and were shocked…SHOCKED I wouldn’t give.

The women on the line was just incredulous I wouldn’t continue to give. I told her I had pledged my support for the “Don’t Ask Don’t Give” campaign and she wanted to know why. She just could NOT understand I wouldn’t give, as a gay man, when Obama and the Democratic Party has treated our community so poorly in its fight for civil rights, justice and equality.

At one point in the conversation she claimed, “Obama is a fair President. He would NEVER discharge someone in the military for being gay!” I immediately let her know I had been discharged for being gay, and knew Obama as Commander-in-Chief had the power to issue a stop-loss order that would halt the discharges of almost two gay or lesbian troops per day while “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” was being overturned. She tried to claim “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” was a law, but she could not explain why Obama wouldn’t sign an order that would stop the discharges of gay patriotic troops while the law was being reviewed.

Then, she tried to get me to give by arguing about Health Care, and I told her my congressman was DINO Dan Boren, and he didn’t vote for Health Care reform. I told her if the Democrats in congress started acting more progressive on my issues, and others, then I would gladly give back pay to help out.

I don’t know how many other ways to tell the Democratic Party the gAyTM is closed until we see major movement on ENDA, DOMA and DADT? I explained to her I worked very hard to get Obama elected, and was involved in local politics. I would open my wallet every time they asked if they moved in a more progressive direction. The woman tried mightily to get me to change my mind by imploring how important it was for Obama to keep his majorities in congress, but I’m done with paying for a party that says one thing, and does another. The conversation lasted an exceptionally long time for a fund raising call. Maybe she knew I was pretty reliable for cash donations in the past? Maybe she is getting a lot of people declining to give? All I know is I’m not giving until “DADG” is officially lifted.

NOTE FROM JOHN: Joe and I limited our DADG campaign to the DNC, Organizing for America, and the White House since each entity has, in one way or another, turned its back on the gay community We didn’t specifically include the DSCC and the DCCC, but we’re certainly not going to stop anyone from sending a loud and clear message to those party organizations as well. (As always, if there’s a truly good pro-gay candidate, do give them to them – once you’re sure that this time they actually mean it.)

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