HRC says don’t question whether our national political leaders should have spoken out about Maine and Wash state

Who does HRC work for any more? The gay community or the Obama administration?

How many ridiculously inappropriate emails do we need to get from HRC president Joe Solmonese before someone on the board of directors, or some big donors, gives a call and says “enough.” Remember Joe’s last email, where he said that Obama had until 2017 to make good on his promise, so we all might as well just shut up until then?

But to send out an email suggesting that we shouldn’t question why our national leaders abandoned us yet again, and to send it on the day that we catch our leaders lying to us, or at best seriously misleading, is beyond bizarre. Here is what Solmonese just sent out to HRC’s list:

After Maine – and after Prop 8 – the most tempting and brutal word is “if.”

If the ads had been more aggressive. If national political leaders had spoken out. If.

Maine was not a photo finish but it was close enough to make us wonder. “If” beckons….

For a lot of people in the community and our supporters, Tuesday’s results feel like a good reason to throw up our hands and say forget politics. It’s also tempting to find someone to blame, or a missing piece, that pesky “if,” to cling to.

I’m not asking you not to. I’m telling you that we can’t….

When we come into the office on Monday, let’s leave “if” behind us, and focus on “when.”

Tell me that the DNC and the White House didn’t put HRC up to this? Rather than a statement from HRC asking why the DNC and the White House didn’t do squat to help our community in Maine and Washington state, why a top DNC official is attacking our community for simply asking that our leaders keep their promises, HRC is sending out emails telling us to stop asking about our national leaders’ lack of action.

Then there’s this little gem as well in the email:

Yesterday the Senate held its first hearing on a fully-inclusive ENDA and the chief civil rights attorney at the Department of Justice testified for the bill. That is this administration speaking out and telling Congress to move ENDA. Our work won us a fair-minded DOJ…

Ah yes, that fair-minded DOJ. The one that keeps defending DOMA in court, as they did last week. The one that compared our relationships to incest and pedophilia, and still no one has taken responsibility or even bothered to apologize. That fair-minded DOJ, the head of which, Eric Holder, was asked not once, but twice, about the battle in Maine and twice gave horrible answers, including the outrageous claim that he just wasn’t very up on the topic. You know, he’s only the nation’s top law enforcement official and he was only visiting the state a week before a huge election in which the number one topic was the repeal of marriage equality.

Fair-minded DOJ simply because one attorney showed up at a hearing and read a statement.

HRC and the Obama administration ought to just get a room.

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