HRC responds to the gay boycott of the DNC

TAKE THE PLEDGE: Don’t Ask, Don’t Give.

A very interesting statement from HRC regarding the gay (and straight) donor boycott of the DNC, OFA and Obama’s re-election campaign that we launched yesterday:

“Individual donors should always make their own careful assessments of how to spend limited political contributions. We all need to focus on the legislative priorities identified by AmericaBlog and with whatever tactic individuals decide to employ, the ultimate objective needs to be securing the votes we need to move our legislative agenda forward.”

David Dayen, who wrote the story, thinks that this a tacit endorsement of the boycott from HRC:

That is a tacit endorsement, or at least not a public disavowal, of the strategy. The HRC hasn’t given to the DNC this year, as per the policy put in by Obama after his election that the Party cannot accept contributions from organizations structured as a C(4).

Background on the DNC boycott here,

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