Bull as victim: Those crazy Mormons (and Catholics too)

Joe Watts, the dad of my dear friend Connie, is from Utah. So he’s quite aware of the Mormons. And as a longtime straight gay-activist, Connie’s dad doesn’t mince words.

[T]he whining of the LDS Church and its attempt to turn itself into a victim because of some scattered and isolated vandalisms is a rather pathetic scene. It’s like the bully on the block running for cover when some of his victims surprise him by getting up from their beating and fight back.

Our landscape is strewn with the broken lives of thousands of gays humiliated at the hands of the pulpit and its repulsive message that has condoned the real vandalism of homophobia, including Matthew Shephard, Harvey Milk, and our suffering gay children who are bullied and abused physically, mentally, and spiritually in our public schools, who are homeless because of rejection, many of whom are driven to suicides, and some of them occurring on the chapel doorsteps; and still the false prophets disavow their carnage.

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