Brookstone fires employee for telling manager her homosexuality, and gay marriage, are “bad stuff”

Had a Brookstone employee told him that his Christianity was “bad stuff,” they’d have been fired. It’s amazing how religious right bigots feel the need to inflict their narrow-minded world view on everyone else in the workplace, and everywhere else, with impunity. You don’t have the right to be a bigot on the job, sorry. I can’t wait for the religious right to hire this kid as their next mascot. Hopefully he hasn’t had a boob job, posed nude, and done any solo sex videos.

Seriously, though. We live in a pluralistic country. This kid is permitted to think whatever he wants about gay people, blacks, Jews, people with disabilities, or any other minority he may think God has a problem with. What he doesn’t have the right to do is proselytize on the job about his religious choices and discriminatory opinions.

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