Because Australia understands civil rights

Even kids understand how far off the mark our nation is when it comes to civil rights and equality for the LGBT community. And it now seems that Australia agrees with them:

Australia said Thursday it would not overturn laws allowing the first same-sex civil unions, in a surprise move that enshrined gay “marriages” in the country.

Attorney General Robert McClelland said the government had decided not to intervene after the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) agreed to minor changes to its gay union laws requiring couples to register before a ceremony.

The national government has twice quashed the ACT’s attempts to instigate legally recognised same-sex unions on the grounds that Australia’s marriage law says weddings must be between a man and a woman.

One more of our longtime allies embarrasses the United States in providing equality and civil rights to ALL of their citizens, while our government continues to prop up institutionalized discrimination to deny equality and justice for all here in America.

Everyone “hates us for our freedoms” over here in the United States, right? /snark

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