An interesting exchange that just took place in the comments on the main blog

I wrote a post about how President Obama seems to be backing away from his “change” theme, since a lot of people are getting upset that not much is changing. We had some very interesting responses in the comments. Here was the initial comment, from Chandler, who was upset that we are upset with President Obama’s actions on gay rights issues:

Every interest group is NOT going to get everything they want.

If you are so upset, change political parties. Go to the other side and see what they have to offer you.

Sometimes we can be such fools. Sometimes we need to get over our instant gratification obsession and deal with reality.

Here are a few responses. First from Kelley Canfield:

Instant Gratification – ahh, that sounds about right.

I was thrown out of the house 30 YEARS AGO at 17 for being gay and coming out. From that first month living out of a duffle bag on the street I knew it was going to be a long long road for acceptance.

Are you gay? Have you been an out gay ADULT for 30 years, or more?

If you’re not gay, don’t lecture me one second.

If you’re gay and relatively young, you owe me and people like me gratitude due to the fact that it’s easier for your generation because of the efforts of mine.

If you’re gay and relatively young, you are in zero position to counsel patience in the face of the PERSISTENCE of my efforts, and the fact that my efforts may be LOUD and RUDE and lacking in DEFERENCE to AUTHORITY are EXACTLY what have lead to more acceptable conditions for YOU.

And this:

Screw you and your “instant gratification”. I’m 44 years old pal and I still don’t have my civil rights. I was born here you asshole and I get to watch immigrants come into this country and get married and be afforded rights, that I, a natural born U.S. citizen am denied.

And this from Nancy50:

“Also – every interest group is NOT going to get everything they want.”

Ok, let big pharma and wall street, finance his continued hope and change bull shit – they are two interest groups that have gotten quite what they wanted.

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