Advocate on Barney’s sudden transparency

Ask Kerry notes, it’s been a dirty little secret in DC that next spring was the time that everyone “hoped” to attempt the repeal of DADT. But nothing is yet set in stone, and, in the meantime, we’ve spent the last ten months watching the Obama administration backtrack on its promises on DADT, and elsewhere. “Change in a sensible manner,” anyone? Possible segregation of gay troops? Another study on whether it’s a good idea? Bad idea to try to repeal DADT during an election year? And so on. It’s hardly been clear that the President, or Congress, intended to fully repeal DADT at all, let alone next year. So Barney is doing his usual song and dance that’s not entirely grounded in fact.

The only reason that DADT might – and I repeat, might (even Barney hasn’t said that the repeal “will” come up next year) – come up next year, still, is because the community has had just about enough of the games of the last ten months. And Kerry Eleveld hints as much in this article in the Advocate. But as Kerry notes, not only is it not certain that DADT is coming up next year, but there’s as of yet no strategy for proceeding with the repeal. And that’s not very smart. It’s the same mistake the administration made with health care reform – sitting back until the last minute and then undercutting efforts to get the best bill possible. So far, on DADT and other promises like repealing DOMA and passing ENDA, we’ve witnessed the “sitting back” part. Let’s hope the next stage isn’t the “undercutting.”

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