ABC News: Obama adviser splits with President on gay marriage

Even ABC News agrees.

Top Obama domestic policy adviser Melody Barnes did come out in favor of gay marriage earlier this week.

That was before the White House vehemently denied any such thing to Sam Stein at the Huffington Post (because, of course, being that pro-gay would be a bad thing for a Democratic president, himself a minority, who promised to be a “fierce advocate” for the gay community).

Then, the White House actually suppressed the video for several days, while asking the university for a copy so that the administration could decide whether to ban the publication of the heretical video permanently. But after a good 48 hours of review, the White House decided that Boston College could release its own video of a public event.

It’s like watching a segment of the Davinci Code, trying to get our hands on the heretical tape, while the powers-that-be do everything they can to suppress the truth, all because a top Obama adviser might have hinted that she’s sympathetic with marriage equality for gay couples.

I hope everyone in the administration is proud of their boss on this one. Yet again, treating gay people, and support for gay issues, like some kind of political pariah. We truly are separate but equal Democrats in the eye of President Obama and the Democratic party.

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