The Oklahoman publishes fair article about the LGBT community

The Oklahoman newspaper is often criticized for being too conservative by many in Oklahoma. I’m one of those who have been frustrated by, what I feel, is their lack of balance especially in political and social discourse.

I am a firm believer that progressive change here in the conservative heartland of America has ramifications that are felt across our nation, especially when it comes to LGBT civil rights equality. I was pleased to read this article in the business section of the Oklahoman:

So, a gay worker whose company offers domestic partner benefits must pay income taxes on the portion of the premium for his partner that his employer pays.

The Human Rights Campaign says DOMA takes more than 1,000 benefits from same-sex couples, including the ability to claim Social Security benefits and use the expanded estate tax exemptions.

So how many GLBT workers are there? Is the stat even important? The issue isn’t about numbers. It’s about antidiscrimination. It’s about respect. It’s about people.

I’m looking forward to the day when this kind of article appears in The Oklahoman’s editorial page.

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