The anti-gay bigots from Maine are advertising on our site

BUMP: Folks, just an FYI, the anti-gay bigots in the Catholic Church and the religious right in Maine are buying Google Ads on all the gay sites. The ads suggest that the gays are going to steal your children – not exactly what Jesus would do (then again, Jesus wouldn’t aid and abet pedophiles, unlike far too many in the Catholic church leadership). We’ve been trying for a day now to pull them down, but it’s not easy.

The good news, however, is that they’re wasting a lot of money on people who clearly aren’t going to support their hate and bigotry. I’m sure a lot of our readers are clicking on the ad just to see what the hatemongers are doing – I known I’ve clicked on their hateful ads when I’ve seen them on other sites, just to check up on the opposition – and every time someone clicks the ad, it costs the haters more money, money they could have spending convincing actual undecided voters. Yet at the same time I doubt it will convince a single reader to support discrimination. So rest assured, we’re trying to get rid of the ads. Just wanted to let folks know since a number of readers had written in.

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