Southern GOP Senator David Vitter refuses to comment on justice of the peace who won’t marry inter-racial couples

This is simply a stunning new video.


Republican Senator David Vitter (R-La) visibly squirms when asked to comment on the recent case of a justice of the peace in his state of Louisiana who refuses to marry blacks to whites. We criticize Republicans a lot, but this is simply stunning. He’s refusing to comment on obvious, blatant, outrageous racism. And the only reason one could imagine is that he doesn’t want to upset his own racist supporters in his state. Is Louisiana really still that racist that a Republican Senator can’t speak out in favor of blacks marring whites, and against those who would suggest that such marriages are wrong? What other possible reason could a Republican senator from the south have for squirming, and going silent, when asked his opinion about an official in his own state who refuses to conduct interracial marriages. Is Louisiana really that racist and that backward? Is Vitter?

Perhaps we need a phone in to various Republican offices to find out where they stand on inter-racial marriage. Feel free to call Vitter’s office and ask what the Senator’s position is on inter-racial marriage: (202) 224-4623

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