Send us your photos of the National Equality March, if you’re in DC this weekend

Joe, Chris and I were talking, and we wanted to start taking more advantage of you guys, so to speak :-) We want you to send us your photos (not photos you found online, but photos that YOU took) of particular things, from time to time, that I can then post in the photo album feature on the top right corner of the site. For any particular day, we can swap out my photos for your photos of, say, Halloween, or your pets on Friday, things like that.

This weekend, I’d like any of you who are in DC for the National Equality March to send me your photos of anything related to the political weekend in DC. It could be you and friends at a party related to this weekend, it could be a photo from the HRC dinner tonight, from the protest outside, from the march tomorrow, etc. If I get enough, and enough good ones, I’ll post them.

Send your best photo (or two, if they’re really good) to me at:
And put “march” in the subject line so I know. And actually, if you want to send your favorite pet photo too, go for it, I can post those next Friday – put “pets” in the subject line. And if you know how to change the size of your photo, we don’t need anything huge – 500 x 500, max, at 72 dpi is fine (if you don’t know how to edit photos, we can do that for you).

And by sending me your photo, you are attesting to the fact that you have the rights to the photo, and that I have permission to publish it on the blog for free via my Flickr account (or whatever other means works best). Thanks, I think this will be fun.

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