Sen. Harkin: “I’ve not been very happy with the White House’s lukewarm support of the public option”

Senator Tom Harkin (D-IA) quoted in The Hill this morning:

“I’ve not been very happy with the White House’s lukewarm support of the public option,” [Harkin] said, articulating a gripe liberals have been making for months.

“I would hope the president would speak out more forcefully in favor of the public option,” [Sherrod] Brown said, adding “I expect he will.”

Harkin’s quote is interesting because a Democrat is finally on the record saying that the President’s support of the public option has been only “lukewarm.” I’ve seen people continue to defend the President, arguing that he’s firmly behind the public option. We now have a US Senator, who knows better than anyone the degree to which the President is truly supporting the public option, saying that the President is not.

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