Obama made FOX’s apologists cry

About time Obama made somebody cry on the right. You really should read this op ed in USA Today. You see, if the White House finally calls FOX News on its partisan campaign to put Republicans in office, and take Democrats out of office, that means, according to the FOX apologists, that the White House is attacking all of FOX’s viewers. Well. Yeah. If “attacking” to you means calling FOX News “Republican News,” and thus implying that FOX’s viewers are in fact all “Republicans.”

Fortunately, this particular writer does a particularly poor job. But his arguments are classic right-wing deflection. Whenever you catch the right doing something wrong, they will turn it around on you at the drop of a hat. If you say the sky is blue, they’ll turn around and say you insulted motherhood. It’s all lies and deflection, and FOX has it down to a science. The trick is to do exactly what Rep. Grayson did when the right, and even some in the media, tried to Swiftboat him for having the nerve to call the Republicans out on their health care shenanigans. Stick to your guns and call the bully, and the bull, out.

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