My take on Obama’s appearance at HRC dinner

This is just a short excerpt, you can read my entire piece over at Huff Post.

President Obama will speak Saturday night at the Human Rights Campaign national dinner. His appearance at the biggest, and most important, gay political event of the year reflects the White House’s recognition that many in the gay community are disappointed, if not feeling outright betrayed, by the President’s lack of progress on various gay civil rights campaign promises.

The big question in gay-land is what will Obama say. I fear the answer is: Not much.

As someone who supported Barack Obama early on during the primaries, and raised nearly $50,000 for him during the campaign, it gives me no pleasure to burst the pink champagne bubbles of hope. But President Obama’s track record on keeping his gay promises has been fairly abominable. Not only has he failed to move the ball forward on any of his top campaign promises to our community, but he has actually moved us backwards on issues such as DOMA, which he once called “abhorrent,” but now defends in court (even though he doesn’t have to). One step forward on minor issues and two steps back on major ones does not a fierce advocate make.

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