Lieberman to hold hearings on Obama’s czars

Here’s the thing. It’s not entirely clear if this is a bad thing. If Lieberman is doing this in order to debunk the attacks on Obama’s czars, and the hearing is geared towards doing just that, then this could be a good way to finally put that issue to rest. Having said that, this issue was, I thought, already out of the news. So the hearing risks bringing it back into the news. Also, at least two of of the four witnesses are Republican administration officials who worked under Reagan, Bush I and Bush II. Again, if Lieberman is using those Republicans to testify that even dyed in the wool GOPers think the czar story is silly, then it’s a brilliant move. But if Lieberman’s hearings do anything short of completely exonerating Obama, he should be kicked out of the caucus once and for all. Obama owns Lieberman, he saved Lieberman’s committee chairmanship. It’s time Lieberman got in line, or got out.

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