Is FOX’s Chris Wallace the anonymous “concerned parent” they just showed on Glenn Beck?

FOX News’ Glenn Beck, who has previously talked about poisoning House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, has been on a tear lately about all the “communists” he thinks are working in the highest levels of the Obama administration, and in the major media (Beck even found a “communist building” in downtown NYC – seriously, Beck uncovered that Rockefeller Center has secret communist drawings all over it – Keith Olbermann has a great segment on the commie building). One such “communist” who Beck thinks he’s uncovered is White House communications director Anita Dunn. (I was on CNN yesterday talking about Beck’s queer fixation with Dunn.)

Well, today America’s favorite sociopath had a super duper double secret “anonymous” parent on to complain about a graduation speech that Ms. Dunn gave a while back. The thing is, when you look at the alleged parent, who was speaking from FOX’s Washington, DC bureau, he sure looks an awful lot like FOX’s own Chris Wallace. Check out the screen capture above from the TV. I posted a normal photo of Wallace to the left, and one in which I scrunched his head to the right (since the anonymous parent looks like they scrunched the video of his head, to further disguise him). Is it just me, or are those trademark ears and helmet-head hair just a little too similar to Chris Wallace’s?

Then again, it could have just been Devo.

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