In Maine, it’s all about turnout — and you can help turn out our vote

The latest DailyKos poll shows our side leading 48% – 47%. In the last Kos poll, we were down 48% – 46%, so this is a good sign (although it’s all within the margin of error.) From Markos:

That’s a 3-point swing in the right direction, but it’s within the poll’s margin of error, so it could all be float. What we’ve got is a tied race, which was the case six weeks ago, and is the case this week. This will come down to field. Julia Rosen who is in Maine helping out with the field effort sends the following:

This thing clearly is going to come down to field, as you have noted all along. Our program is rocking and rolling. Joe Sudbay [from Americablog] is actually going to be a field captain while he is here.

Because of the strong fundraising they have been pouring cash into a really robust field operation. Couple highlights:

Over 100,000 supporters have been ID.

Over 300,000 calls made in the final 6 days alone, both virtually via the Call for Equality Program and in the office.

There will be over 20 GOTV offices.

There will be volunteers stationed in over 80 polling locations making sure that polls are open, running smoothly, and checking on numbers.

8000 volunteers on Election Day.

In 2008, over 700,000 voted in Maine, but that was a presidential year. In the 2006 mid-terms, about 550,000 turned out, which is what organizers are expecting this year. This is an off-year contest, but interest appears strong. Turnout is a wildcard. 100,000 is a nice number to build on, but won’t win this thing.

Turnout is the wild card. And, that’s where you can still help. I’ve been sitting in an office for the past couple days with the above-mentioned Julia Rosen and Karin Rowland, both part of No on 1’s kick-ass online team.

If you want to help get-out-the-vote in Maine, there are still ways. Karin explains how – and the links are below:
Help us make history. Call for Equality is here. Drive for Equality is here.

Governor Baldacci stopped by the campaign office today. He reminded me that the last time I saw him was in the summer of 2006. John and I, along with several gay political types, had lunch with the Governor to discuss future legislation in Maine. Marriage seemed like a very distant reality. But, this year, John Baldacci became the first Governor to sign a marriage equality bill into law. He’ll be on Rachel Maddow’s show tonight. He did the right thing and he’s proud of that.

Here’s the Governor with our campaign manager Jesse Connolly at the Portland HQ earlier today.

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