In Maine, Anti-gay side keeps up the lies with newest ad

The Stand for Marriage Campaign, led by the Catholic Bishop of Maine, has launched its third t.v. ad last night. Like the other two, this falsely ad claims that Maine’s marriage equality law will require the teaching of “homosexual marriage” in Maine schools. This time, the Bishop’s campaign uses California to bolster its claim. The tag line is “Vote Yes on Question 1 to prevent homosexual marriage from being pushed on Maine students.” It’s a confusing, disjointed ad and pretty much a parody of itself:
The Yes side’s “education” claim has already been debunked by newspapers across Maine. Two of Maine’s more conservative papers, The Bangor Daily News and the Lewiston Sun-Journal, dismissed the argument that the new marriage equality law has anything to do with educating kids. Because, it DOESN’T. The important thing isn’t just that those papers ran the editorials, it’s that our side can use those editorials in our ads to show the Yes on 1 side is spewing falsehoods. In Maine, it probably helps more that papers in Lewiston and Bangor think the Yes side’s ads aren’t factual.

The Bishop of Maine, Richard Malone, has learned something from his anti-gay counterparts in the Mormon church. He’s “lying for the lord.” Bishop Malones owns the “Yes on 1” campaign the way the Mormons owned “Yes on Prop. 8.”

And, via Jeremy Hooper, the guy “starring” in the ad, Donald Mendell, is a renowned homophobe.

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