Clemons: Bo the dog gets higher billing than the gays on the White House Web site

From Steve Clemons.

But guess what. When it comes to White House internal priorities — Bo the Dog gets higher billing than the President articulating a human rights agenda before a GLBT audience.

The White House, thus far, has nothing about the President’s speech on its main site. Nothing at “Speeches and Remarks.”

And even on the official White House Blog, there is a suspicious gap between an entry yesterday titled “Happy Birthday Bo!” and a one-minute-past-midnight posting on the President’s weekly address on health care.

Steve is also correct about none of us receiving a copy of the speech from the usually-quite-prolific White House press office. They get speeches out BEFORE they happen. It’s been over 12 hours. Nothing. Can’t find it.

What’s the issue here? Why is this Obama public statement being treated differently from other major statements he makes?

Last night at 5:30 pm, I called White House press and asked to make sure that I got an emailed copy of the remarks which would probably be time embargoed. I left email and phone number as the phone recording requested, but there was no follow up.

I ran into Brian Bond, the capable Deputy Director of White House Public Liaison, before Obama’s speech last night and was told that we would get the speech and not to worry….

But on a serious level, a speech of this magnitude should be distributed to the media and made available to the public in the same timely way that other Presidential speeches are. We who were writing about this should have received an embargoed copy of the remarks “as prepared,” and then a follow up set of remarks “as given.”

But nothing yet on the White House web page — and nothing in my in box about Barack Obama’s commitment to end “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” and his commitment to pass an exclusive Employment Non-Discrimination Act, which were hight points of his remarks.

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