Anne Frank’s chestnut tree gets eleven new places to bloom. Also, Amsterdam’s Homomonument.

“The Diary of Anne Frank” needs no introduction by me. It is read, by more people, second only to the Bible. The Anne Frank Center is distributing saplings descended from the tree that gave Anne Frank a brief respite from the constant anguish of having to hide, with her family and others, in a cramped space or “secret annex,” from the Nazis in occupied Amsterdam during World War II. I made it a point to make a pilgrimage to her hiding place, and to the homomonument. Amsterdam is a wonderful place to visit, especially for the LGBT community, and to inspire us why we must “never forget.” Never forget what can happen if hate, lies and intolerance grows without, at the very least, an equal and opposite force to fight it with love, truth and justice.

I also enjoyed reading about the symbolism behind the monument. While I was there, in Amsterdam, I was told people put flowers at the point leading to the canal to honor the gays and lesbians who were shipped off and killed in the Holocaust. I’ve visited Amsterdam four times and, every time I’ve gone, I’ve visited the Homomonument just “to remember.”

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