Some voters still have sense – “You Lie!” Wilson now trails challenger

What’s particular interesting is that even though voters in his district are divided as to whether Obama was “lying” during his address, they overwhelmingly disapprove of Wilson yelling at him. From Public Policy Polling (pdf):

Republican Congressman Joe Wilson trails challenger Rob Miller 44-43 in the wake of his shouting out ‘you lie’ during President Obama’s speech to Congress on Wednesday night. Wilson defeated Miller 54-46 in the 2008 election.

62% of voters in his district say they disapprove of Wilson’s actions while just 29% think they were ok. While there is consensus on that, respondents were pretty divided about whether the substance of his comment- that Obama was lying- is correct. 42% say they think the President was lying while 46% believe he was not.

That means there’s still hope for civility.

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