Rep. John Lewis gave a powerful speech at the Equality Alabama event this weekend

Pam was at Equality Alabama‘s Gala Dinner on Saturday night. The keynote speaker was Rep. John Lewis (D-GA). His speech was truly amazing and inspiring.

Pam’s post was also powerful:

John Lewis could have let someone else take the baton to the head for his rights. He didn’t; his rights were too important to him to NOT lead by example. I asked State Rep. Patricia Todd thought of his wake up call to our community. She agreed that there is no excuse for our so-called leaders, our elected representatives who say they are our allies but lack the political spine to do the right thing should watch this speech as required education. But we also noted to one another that even more critical was Lewis’s call to you – those of us who rail about what someone else can do to lead or move the ball forward and don’t step up, or take even small steps to be interested in determining the fate of your civil rights. Where is the fire in the belly of our movement? It’s not in DC, it’s all of you, if you choose to do a tenth, hell, one-hundredth of what John Lewis showed in terms of personal courage to fight for his rights against hostility day and night.

Equality Alabama is on the front lines in the battle for full equality. Same for Pam in North Carolina. (She’s giving the keynote address this weekend at NC Pride.) It’s one thing to fight for equality in a city like D.C. or New York or San Francisco or Los Angeles. It’s not always easy, but it’s a lot harder in Alabama, Georgia and North Carolina.

It’s hard to ask real people to fight when “leaders” like Barney Frank are providing talking points to the right wing.

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