Rep. Grayson’s excellent speech on GOP health care plan upset the Republicans and George Stephanopoulos

UPDATE: Grayson did apologize today, but not to the Republicans:
Maybe there is at least one Democratic fighter.

Last night, I posted this floor speech from Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL). In under three minutes, he encapsulates the policy of the GOP when it comes to health care.
Via Marcy Wheeler, we learn that Grayson’s speech gave poor George Stephanopoulos the vapors. He’s so delicate. Wasn’t George around in 1993 when the Clinton health care reform tanked? Maybe if the Democrats had a few more people like Grayson on their side back then, we could have done better.

Also, word is that the very sensitive House Republicans are trying to force Grayson to apologize for his remarks. Digby provides some video of Republican House members Virginia Foxx and Ginny Brown-Waite uttering some very harsh words about Democrats on the House Floor, but their speeches went unchallenged. The Republicans swarm over anyone who criticizes them. And, too often, Democrats get weak-kneed and cave in to GOP demands. That’s already happened in this case. Rep. Larson, who serves in House leadership, thinks Grayson should apologize. That’s so typical of Democratic “leaders” these days. You know, because if Democrats don’t fight back and act sorry, maybe the Republicans will stop their dirty tricks. Right.

We need more Democrats like Alan Grayson. He’s fearless, in addition to being right. As I said last night, I’m loving Grayson these days — and all the more because he’s offended the very delicate George Stephanopoulos and enraged the Republicans. I had a chance to spend some time with Grayson at Netroots Nation. The guy really is brilliant. His work on financial issues, especially his focus on the Fed, has really changed the course of the debate in Congress.

If you like what you’re hearing from Rep. Grayson, help him out. The Republicans are gunning for him now.

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