Maine’s Leading anti-gay activist quit today

Mike Heath, the leader of the Maine Christian Civic League, announced his resignation today. Interesting timing. Right in the middle of the biggest anti-gay campaign in Maine history:

The long-time leader of the Christian Civic League of Maine has resigned. Mike Heath, 48, announced today that he’s stepping down after 15 years at the helm of the conservative organization.

The League’s board accepted Heath’s resignation yesterday at a meeting in Augusta, but no reason was given for the move.

Pam, who has tracked Heath’s career for years, has more.

And, Jeremy Hooper, who has also kept a close watch on Heath, weighs in with this:

Makes us wonder if there’s more there to this. Was Mike pressured to get out of the way in order to help the “official” anti-equality campaign? Was he fed up with the way he was treated by the organized “Yes on 1” folks (which was pretty sh*tty, considering how much he’s been a part of the marriage “fight” for over almost two decades)? Or was he really just ready to leave the makings-gays-feel-like-rats race behind?

There’s always more to it when no reason is given, especially during such a high-profile time for the anti-gay forces. And, it seems like there’s always a lot of drama with the haters.

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