La Grande Mosquée de Paris

We visited today the Grande Mosquée de Paris, the Great Mosque of Paris – the largest Islamic mosque in France. Today was Heritage Day (or perhaps weekend) in France, where you get to visit official sites of the French heritage for free. We went to the mosque. It was nice, though honestly I’ve seen more impressive mosques in Morocco. But what really struck me was that I remembered a story about how the Muslims in France during WWII helped hundreds of Jews, mostly children, escape the Nazis. I just Googled the story and found the details. It was this Mosque.

The Imam of the mosque, Si Kaddour Benghabrit, basically helped Jews get false papers (certificates of Muslim identity, birth certificates, marriage certificates) and actually hid them in the Mosque, and in homes in the area, and if need be, he’d help them escape down the river Seine, hidding in cargo ships. A really amazing story.


Here are a few photos of the Mosque, and afterwards we went and had mint tea in the Mosque’s tea room.




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